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    National Engineering Research Center for manufacturing techn



    1. duties

    The positioning of the National Center for engineering research is to establish the research and development and industrialization innovation platform for ceramic based composites, focusing on the research and development of self healing ceramic matrix composites, ultra-high temperature and ablative ceramic matrix composites, structural functional integrated ceramic matrix composites, and wear-resistant ceramic matrix composites. To promote and apply the innovative technology talents and teams in the field of ceramic based composite materials, and to build a technical innovation system for the production, learning and research of Tao Ciji composite materials in China, and provide technical support for the promotion of the core competitiveness of the related industries. At the same time, the National Engineering Research Center is the functional department of the company basic research, project research and development, technology platform and technology innovation system construction, technology development planning, R & D personnel training and research and development ability construction management and implementation.

    2. organization structure


    The National Engineering Research Center (abbreviated as the National Engineering Center) of ceramic matrix composite manufacturing technology (abbreviated as the National Engineering Center) implements the director's responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors of the company and set up an academic committee.

    The academic committee is a senior expert in the field of ceramic matrix composites in China. In charge of the strategic planning and development of the National Engineering Center, the annual plan of the center and the feasibility report of the project are consulted, and the major scientific research activities of the center are reviewed and identified.

    The National Engineering Research Center consists of a comprehensive office, a R & D department, and an analysis and testing center.

    The office is responsible for the daily administrative matters and services of the center. It is responsible for the management of the central resource demand plan, coordinating the various resources interface departments of the company to ensure that the resources are in place in time.